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With modern flannelgraph, the Bible’s eternal stories come to life

Flannelgraph for Homeschool

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The Ultimate Pro – Genesis Series

Bible stories are God’s stories. But when we teach kids with dry, flat readings or canned videos, they sometimes miss the wonder in the Bible’s stories. There is no lasting impact.

When kids are bored or unengaged it can leave a teacher feeling like a failure. But they’re not. You’re not. Bible stories work.

And all you need to do is help your kids experience it.

See. Engage. Understand. Remember.


Seeing helps with understanding


Multi-sensory tools help them remember


Expect questions and reactions


Skin tones and clothes match the Bible’s historical setting


Actions and postures show it like the Bible tells it


Characters look like people – not cartoons or toys

Used everywhere. Effective anywhere.

Founder Jon Melin has taught the Bible for more than forty years and across five continents, both on his own and with partner organizations around the world. He started By Design Visuals in 2005 to solve a simple problem: The most effective teaching method he had ever used had some of the poorest tools available.

Together with artist Ron Ferris, Jon developed By Design Visuals’ tools with two criteria in mind: Biblical accuracy and lasting comprehension. When the Bible capitates us, it can change us. When it changes us, we change the world.

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