Not Your Grandmother’s Flannelgraph

This is flannelgraph for the next generation! The highly detailed, vibrant, and Biblically accurate artwork is available in traditional flannel or new digital flannelgraph.

Why Start with Genesis?

Culturally and Biblically Accurate

Meticulous research was performed to capture the cultural accuracy of Bible times in the artwork. The characters are specific to each Bible story and even grow older over time as appropriate. Many objects and characters are supplied with multiple positions and sizes for distance perspective.

Detailed Scenic Backgrounds

Scenic Backgrounds feature elements from the land of Israel, or unique designs for the Heaven and Cave sets. Special mini backgrounds work with both the Indoor or Throne Room Backgrounds to create the illusion of moving from  inside to outside the same room.

Internationally Sensitive

The artwork has been reviewed by missionaries and national leaders from all over the world. We've incorporated their feedback to insure the designs work well within varying cultures.

Digital Flannelgraph

Move up to the flexibility of high-resolution digital flannelgraph. There are no pieces to cut out and store and it works on just about any device! Use your smart phone or tablet for personal sharing or connect your computer to a large TV or projector for visual storytelling with any size class or group.

By Design Flannelgraph Board

We've improved the traditional flannelgraph story board in nearly every way! This large, 27” x 37” board is made from lightweight, durable, and weather resistant poly that folds to one-quarter size for easy transport. Flannel backgrounds attach in seconds using the VELCRO® strips on the back of the board.