Bible Stories for the World

Bible Stories for the World Our story scripts are accurate to the Bible. Available in multiple languages. Our figure are life-like. Specific figures were created for each Biblical person. Dark skin tones. Scenic backgrounds based on the Holy Land.  Completely New. Available in traditional flannelgraph and digital flannelgraph.

Culturally and Biblically Accurate

Created to be accurate to the Bible. Specific characters have younger and older figures. Scenic backgrounds created from the land of Israel. Bible characters come with multiple positions and correctly sizes for the story.

Detailed Scenic Backgrounds

New Scenic Backgrounds created from the land of Israel. Heaven Background and Cave Background are completely unique. Two interior backgrounds (Indoor Background and Throne Room Background). Special mini-backgrounds instantly transition you from inside to outside.

Culturally Sensitive

Figures have dark skin tones. The artwork has been reviewed by missionaries and national leaders from all over the world. Adjustments made to insure the designs work well in different cultures.

Digital Training Tools

Each Flannelgraph Set comes with our Digital Training Tools.  1. Printable Scripts (PDF) 2. Flannelgraph Scenes (jpg) 3. Audio Stories (Mp3) 4. Digital Stories (16:9 HD in PowerPoint and PDF).

By Design Flannelgraph Board

The By Design Flannelgraph Board measures 27” x 37” at full size, but folds down to 18.5" x 13.5."  It comes fully assembled with VELCRO® strips on the back to attach the scenic backgrounds.  The board is made from lightweight, durable, and weather resistant poly for a lifetime of use.