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“Store Up My Words in Your Heart… Teach Them To Your Children… Talk To Them
Deuteronomy 11:18-19

Jon Teaching with Flannelgraph
Jon Melin

“Hi! I’m Jon Melin (Dad, Grandpa, Pioneer Home Schooler, Pastor, Bible Teacher, Storyteller). By Design Visuals is flannelgraph reimagined for the 21st century. Our biblical characters are lifelike; our scenes are realistic to the Holy Land. Our resources are field-tested, high quality, lightweight, and travel-ready. We have everything you need for effective Bible storytelling at home, school, church, or short-term missions and it fits in a backpack. You will fall in love with the Bible all over again!”

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By Design Flannelgraph Training

Flannelgraph Basics, Prep, Present, and Impact Series is our video training course on the website.
With the purchase of ANY flannelgraph set, you receive downloadable PDF scripts, Audio Stories, jpeg images, and PowerPoint Slides in Multiple Languages.

Flannelgraph for Homeschool


What do you have that’s not screen time?  FLANNELGRAPH.

Flannelgraph for Churches


How can we make Bible stories stick?  FLANNELGRAPH.

Flannelgraph for Short Term Missions

Short Term Missions

How do we reach oral learners?  FLANNELGRAPH.

Flannelgraph for Homeschool

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The Ultimate Pro – Genesis Series

Ministry in a Backpack

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The Ultimate Pro Gospel Series

The Ultimate Pro – Gospel Series

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The Ultimate Pro Genesis Series

The Ultimate Pro – Genesis Series

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