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This Sunday, make the Bible real.

The greatest stories ever told still have the power to engage and transform during kids’ church times. But if you want your kids to take the Bible seriously, first you need to teach it visually.

By Design Visuals creates the most authentic flannelgraph Bible teaching tools available today. Each kit has visuals for weeks or even months of stories, and our online trainings help your volunteers prepare to teach with flannelgraph one short video at a time.

You’ll be amazed how simple, tactile tools can focus kids’ attention on the Bible. After all, it’s been transforming lives for two millennia. When your church makes it visual, you’ll see it too.



The Ultimate Pro – Gospel Series

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If you buy an Ultimate Pro Gospel Series, you can add an un-cut flannelgraph only Genesis Series Set for Free, A $279.95 Value for just the price of shipping ($25).

“Before we started on the story, in just setting up the scene for Mary’s home in Story 1, the Sunday School class loved turning the cave/hillside into a home when we added all the felt pieces: a doorway, windows, a fireplace, a small bench near the fireplace to sit while stirring the kettle, niches with lamps, table and bench. One boy was extremely fascinated, he kept saying, “It looks 3-D!” The pieces are beautifully colored."

Beth L. - Ultimate Pro Gospel Series


The Sowers Set PRO


The Beginnings Set PRO


The Ultimate Pro – Genesis Series

$329.95 $199.95
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