Genesis Series Flannelgraph Set w (Easel and Scissors)

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Genesis Flannelgraph Series plus (Easel and Scissors) comes with everything you need to cut out, prepare, and present all 56 stories from the book of Genesis.  

4 Story Sets, 6 Background Sets, plus Flannelgraph Board, Easel and Scissors.

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Genesis Flannelgraph Series plus (Easel and Scissors) is the foundation set of the By Design Visuals Series.

  • 56 stories
  • 4 Story Sets
    • Beginnings Series
    • Abraham Series
    • Jacob Series
    • Joseph Series
    • Miscellaneous Figures
  • 6 Background Sets
    • Basic Background Set
    • Scenic Overlay Set
    • Throne Room Background
    • Indoor Background
    • Heaven Background
    • Cave Background
  • By Design Flannelgraph Board.
  • By Design Easel and Scissors!

Each set comes in its own clear envelope to keep visuals clean.  Genesis Series contains over 300 individual biblical figures!

Figures are shipped un-cut!

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 12 in


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